Tokenomics taken from whitepaper assuming raise of $1.25M USD

Token: $TANKS

Max supply: 1,000,000,000 (one billion)

10% Locked liquidity

35% Team + Operational Tokens

55% Community

Team + Operational Tokens

50% Marketing and tournaments

20% Engineering, R&D

20% Ongoing expenses

10% Contingencies


150M Ethereum

150M Binance Smart Chain

Total: 300M (30%)

Wallets of note

Note: These wallets include, team tokens, team wallets, utility wallets, wallets of third party services, etc.

0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead - Burn address

0x3f481D2F40EA4A5b79a646293C2aE99CCCbfDC72 - Tanks Bank (Staking)

0x40B43d24A5294aB290D3A5d9FD9642d37a0aeB14 - Tanks Hot Wallet

0x533e3c0e6b48010873b947bddc4721b1bdff9648 - AnySwap bridge from Eth to BSC

0x57243abb8cb0Ca7Fb6200b8A754dFB49301E2256 - Tanks Custodial Wallet

0x57e0142413c99ececaff03d78149f3a95b7204d8 - Tanks Creator

0x668b9734ffe9ee8a01d4ade3362de71e8989ea87 - AnySwap bridge from Eth to Polygon

0x7490eecee4e3a468fa79a2f21b4b0a5fd13fe275 - UniSwap pool

0x810f864d5652763a374fc38bf3dbc58844477fe3 - Pancakeswap pool

0x83307595a31588ED51e24Dbafe53245d9865914B - Tanks Bridge

0x985f3300cb203efae88d9f9a2a707c7a330f2967 - QuickSwap pool

0xdba68f07d1b7ca219f78ae8582c213d975c25caf - Team tokens vested in UniCrypt

0xF159DF626C9a972595dc593b362318d614009DD4 - Tanks Royalties

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