Create Game

To create a game. Click on the "NEW GAME" button.

Only the creator of a game can start the game!


Choose the map to use and the starting positions associated with the maximum number of players to support. Only the Cauldron map is supported at this stage.

Other maps will be supported in the future including the classic Battlefield and support for large maps which can host over 70 players.


Choose the duration between energy drops. All players will receive energy at this interval.

The energy drop rates change the speed of the game. The shorter the drops, the faster the games.


The enclosing fog slowly engulfs the battlefield reducing the amount of playable space. This ensures the game comes to a conclusion as players need to escape the enclosing fog otherwise they are at risk of being "detonated" by an opponent or spectator.

The slow and fast modes are multiples of the energy duration configured in the second option.

4-Tanks Pot

The number of TANKS required to buy-in to the game. No pot games are free and only require MATIC to play the game. Pot game winners receive 90% of the total of all TANKS bought-in. i.e. for a game with 1,000 TANKS buy-in and 18 players, the winner will receive 16,200 TANKS - with 1,800 TANKS burned!

5 - Public or private game

Public game - Anyone is allowed to join your game

Private game - Allow list of addresses who are invited to play in your game. Can be used to set up a friends game event, private tournament, etc.

6 - Confirmation

Confirm your settings are correct and proceed to "Create Game".

A transaction will appear - which you will need to approve in order for the game to be created on the blockchain.

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