Everyone starts the game with 2 energy, 2 hearts and a range of 2 tiles.

You are placed on the map based on the order you joined the game.

Maps may have obstacles (cannot move to tile or shoot over tile) or movement barriers (cannot move to tile or cannot cross into tile). The beta map does not have any obstacles or movement barriers apart from the boundaries of the map. The cauldron map features movement barriers.

Everyone will get one unit of energy for a period based on the configuration of the game. Examples include:

1 energy every 30 seconds (express game - game duration approx. 20 mins) 1 energy every 60 seconds (fast game - game duration approx. 30 mins) 1 energy every day (slow game - game duration approx. 1 month)

All moves occur as blockchain transactions (for the web3 version of the game)

The game is turn based in the sense that each block of the blockchain is a turn. You can choose to wait and do nothing or perform an action. Actions include, attack, gifting, move and upgrading.

The block time can change the dynamics of the game. Rinkeby block times are 15s Polygon block times are around 2s.


1 energy to move 1 hexagon


3 energy to upgrade range by 1


3 energy to upgrade hearts by 1


You can gift someone within range 1 energy

You can gift someone within range 1 heart


1 energy to attack someone within range

A successful attack will reduce the hearts of the attacked player by 1 heart

Tanks which lose all their hearts are out of the game.


Attacking and gifting is based on the tile - not on the tank.

Based on the nature of the blockchain, you may attack a tank who moves before your attack transaction is accepted into the blockchain. In this case, your transaction will fail and the attack will not be successful. It will not cost you energy to do this.

Enclosing Fog

The enclosing fog ensures the game proceeds to completion and prevents players from camping out at the far reaches of the map.

The enclosing fog incentivises players to keep moving as once inside the fog, players are vulnerable to being destroyed at any moment.

After a certain amount of time into the game, the enclosing fog will begin. A purple boundary line will demarcate the bounds of the fog. Inside is safe, and outside is dangerous.

When there is less than a minute until the fog is due to advance, notice appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen with a countdown timer.

Once the fog advances, the size of the field reduces. The fog encloses towards the centre of the map.

Anyone inside the fog can be detonated at any time, by anyone (including spectators). Detonation will DESTROY the tank - there is no second chance and accumulating hearts will not save you.

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