Open Phase

During the open phase of the tournament, there will be windows of opportunity during the day where members of the community can create and then subsequently start games.

We will start off with six games a day (four hrs apart) with a max of 9 players per game and ramp up (both in terms of frequency and number of players per game) as demand increases. Games will be spread out throughout the day to give people the opportunity to play no matter where they live. Community members who participate in the creation and starting of games will be rewarded with beta points.

Games will vary in duration, with a mix of 30s, 60s and 90s per energy drop played at various stages. We will analyse these games to see how the energy drop duration changes gameplay and adapt accordingly.

Notice will be given at least one week prior to the end of the Open Phase concluding.

Prize Pool 1 — Beta points pool (250k TANKS)

At the conclusion of the open phase, participants have one week to decide what they want to do with their Beta points.

  1. You can exchange your Beta points for TANKS at a rate proportional to your share of the remaining Beta pool. i.e. If you have accumulated 1,000 points out of 10,000 points earned in total, your share of the pool is 25k TANKS.

  2. You can burn your Beta points for NFT privileges. These may include either an NFT, access to the genesis NFT mint or other benefits to be determined.

  3. After the end of the week, there will be no further opportunity to exchange your Beta points. Unclaimed winnings will not be paid out.

The more people who partake in #2, the more TANKS the people in #1 will receive.

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